The development inevitability of stereo garage


The development of stereo garage, should say since the birth of the first car then produced. But with a hundred years of history, it is far less conspicuous than the car industry, much less appreciated by most people. Up to now, no one has strictly classified it into which category or which item, but it is a comprehensive project involving logistics, warehousing, building structure, property management and other subjects and fields.
    In recent years, China's national economy continues to grow at a double-digit rate, and the automobile industry develops unprecedentedly. According to the data released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China's automobile sales volume in 2006 exceeded 7.2 million, with a year-on-year growth of more than 25%, surpassing Japan for the first time and becoming the second largest automobile consumer country only next to the United States. It is expected that domestic car sales in 2007 are still expected to grow at a rate of about 15%, with the total volume exceeding 8 million units.
The difficulty of parking is a prominent phenomenon brought about by the rapid growth of automobile consumption. For example, is located in pengjie industrial park of Shanghai, the central region huangpu district covers an area of 4.16 square kilometers, in the rush hour every day, this area car parked capacity reached more than four thousand vehicles, namely to park one thousand cars per square kilometer, and this region is gold section of Shanghai, trade and financial center, merchants, the floating population density is big, parking become a big problem in the nature. Although the relevant government departments have made great efforts to make full use of every available place and every space inside the snail shell, all this has not fundamentally solved the problem of parking. Automatic three-dimensional parking garage arises at the historic moment in this grim situation, and the vigorous development and promotion of it can effectively alleviate the contradiction of parking difficulty and make the city full of vitality again. At present, in the domestic some more developed economy, the population density is larger in the city, the development and promotion of three-dimensional parking garage, and has become increasingly mature. It not only alleviates the current contradiction of narrow road space in the city, reduces pollution, but also ADAPTS to the need of rapid urban development. It can also promote the rise of a large number of tertiary industry in cooperation with municipal construction, which can be said to be beneficial but not harmful, providing favorable conditions for the city to develop on a larger scale.

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