The development status of stereo garage at home and abroad


The development of automatic stereo parking equipment system is uneven all over the world. Germany is the first to develop, and its technology is in the leading position. It has developed H-type, U-type and V-type in the series of two-storey and multi-storey plane parking garage. Since the introduction of mechanical parking garage technology in 1959, Japan has built a total of 25,454 mechanical garages of various forms in 1983, with an average capacity of about 10 cars per seat, and the most of them can reach more than 100. Since the late 1970s, the annual increase rate of garage capacity is 5%-7%, which has caught up with the annual increase rate of car ownership in the same period of 4%-6%. From the perspective of technical characteristics, Japan attaches more importance to the development of vertical automatic three-dimensional garage, namely, the development of intensive automatic three-dimensional parking garage. In 1993, the World Stereoscopic automatic parking Equipment Exhibition held in Tokyo, Japan was an unprecedented event.
In the 20th century, in domestic has held several related to parking equipment exhibition, held in Shanghai in October 2006, "2006 Shanghai international exhibition" parking equipment and intelligent system is also very busy, it has attracted from Germany and Japan, the United States and other well-known parking equipment manufacturer in the world, fully automatic three-dimensional parking equipment complete ability to let the car and its technology, advanced level has been widely acknowledged and accepted in the world. Domestic is in the stage of economic and construction development, and there have been a variety of foreign parking equipment in the domestic market.
There are many kinds of parking devices. Only through detailed technical analysis and economic analysis can we make a wise decision and make effective use of all favorable factors to build a parking device that is economically and technically reasonable. In a word, under the circumstance that we are faced with the he

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